Internet Vaulting

AIMSTAR offers a unique and powerful technology for data backup and recovery - Internet Vaulting. Internet Vaulting has been thoroughly tested and certified by leading technology infrastructure providers, and used by many enterprise-level companies. We are now able to offer it as a cost effective solution to the small and medium-sized businesses.

Using our Internet Vaulting service is simple. Our engineers have taken great strides in making sure our data recovery process is easy to manage and straightforward in design. The ability to restore specific files and data components, and do it quickly, is our core offering. However, our advanced functionality and enhanced features offer our clients more options and give us major advantages over our competitors.

Internet Vaulting is the data protection method of choice for companies who want to take the hassles out of their traditional backup routines and use a secure and simple off-site storage solution.

The Solution

Internet Vaulting is a unique alternative to traditional backup methods, augmenting or replacing conventional tape based systems with a fully automated and secure off-site solution.

The agentless technology only requires installation on a single machine. Our easy-to-use GUI interface enables even inexperienced users to quickly and easily protect their data.

The comprehensive functionality of our Internet Vaulting service enables the majority of operating systems and applications to be protected.


  • Linux, Unix, Novell, Windows
  • Exchange Extra
  • MS SQL Select
  • Local Storage Restore
  • Message Level Restore
  • Long Term Storage
  • Laptop & Desktop
  • Comprehensive Reporting


  • Agentless
  • Common File Elimination
  • AES Encryption 128, 192 & 256
  • Delta Blocking Technology
  • Compression
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Remote Administration
  • Open File Backup
  • Bandwidth Control

GSA IT Schedule 70
MD CATS+ Master Contractor
Maryland DOT Certified MBE/DBE