"Our vision of the business is one that produces success and professional recognition by providing high-quality information technology services and products to our customers in an environment that our highly skilled employees find exciting and rewarding."

-- Dr. Theodore Williams

Who are we?

Dr. Theodore Williams founded AIMSTAR ( Applications In Multimedia for Science, Technology And Research ) Information Solutions, Inc. in 1997. Our overall business philosophy is incorporated in our vision statement:

Dr. Williams received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a research focus on object-oriented databases. One great application for object-oriented database techniques is the development of multimedia databases. In fact, Dr. Williams' first research grant included the development of multimedia databases. He has authored several papers on database systems, multimedia, and virtual reality. Some past positions and activities have included: university research scientist, director of a virtual reality and multimedia laboratory, principal investigator on a NASA multimedia and database systems grant, Oracle database instructor, database administrator and software consultant for several technology companies.

AIMSTAR Information Solutions, Inc. is primarily an information company. Our name underscores our expertise in managing unstructured data in addition to traditional business data. We provide information technology consulting and software development services to government, academic, and commercial entities. These services, which focus on database systems and multimedia, include:

  • Database system design, development, and administration
  • Multimedia and database integration
  • Multimedia application development
  • Database technology training

Our past development experience, deep insight into information solutions, and attention to detail make AIMSTAR the right Information Technology company.

Please see our online capabilities statement for more details.

GSA IT Schedule 70
MD CATS+ Master Contractor
Maryland DOT Certified MBE/DBE