"Our vision of the business is one that produces success and professional recognition by providing high-quality information technology services and products to our customers in an environment that our highly skilled employees find exciting and rewarding."

-- Dr. Theodore Williams

Our Technology

Although AIMSTAR works with a wide variety of software languages and packages, the following is our core set of technology.


AIMSTAR has extensive experience in the development and administration of Oracle databases. Leveraging years of experience of working with Oracle, AIMSTAR will work with you throughout the complete software lifecycle to make your Oracle database project a success. Some areas of Oracle expertise include:

  • Logical database design
  • Physical database design
  • Database development
  • Database administration
  • Database application development
  • Oracle features such as Java stored procedures, multimedia storage and retrieval, and summary management


AIMSTAR can develop your Java applications. Java is the programming language of choice for many who want to develop cross-platform solutions. AIMSTAR uses Java to develop powerful solutions particularly database applications through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and custom Swing-based user interfaces. We develop both applets, suitable for web viewing, and desktop Java applications.


Let AIMSTAR develop your perl applications. Perl is a great language for many applications including those with extensive text string manipulation. AIMSTAR develops both perl CGI applications for web viewing and local desktop perl programs. AIMSTAR can use perl to enable database access to a variety of databases.

Object-Oriented Databases

For years, object-oriented databases have been thought of as the next generation of database technology. Although many of the relational vendors have included object-technology in their object-relational databases, there are some applications that call for pure object-oriented databases. AIMSTAR has extensive experience in the design and development of object-oriented databases.

GSA IT Schedule 70
MD CATS+ Master Contractor
Maryland DOT Certified MBE/DBE